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Donate to build Mosques in Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Yemen

Dear brothers and sisters,

Encouraged by the well-intentioned initiatives of our brothers and sisters, from the country and the diaspora, we dared to make a list of priority areas that would be included in our future activities and projects. They would cover several countries: Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, in certain countries, where some assistance is most needed at the moment. We would separate it from the priority areas:

Invest in a new mosque
March 2021 – December 2021

Donor: Citizens, individuals and legal entities, people of good will

The deeds of the benefactors, SADAQATUL JARIYAH, is something that will remain to flow and testify for us even when we’ll be gone, on the one hand it will be a pride for our descendants that will remember us for doing good, and on the other hand THE REWARD FROM ALLAH THE THE MOST MERCIFUL, which will be reckoned to us for the given sadaqah until the DAY OF JUDGEMENT!


Many people need your support!
Our association is a service for all of you
For more information, you can contact us on our phone, whatsapp, viber, messenger, or by email at our email. [email protected]

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