Mosque, Library and Education Center – with special emphasis on the study of the Qur’an

Dear brothers and sisters,

It is a special honor and pleasure for us to inform you about another beneficial project- Mosque, Library and Education Center – with special reference to the study of the Qur’an

“Davet” began to organize this important project for the welfare of humanity, through the development of light, which only through knowledge can reach everyone.

“Mosque, Library and Education Center in South Bangladesh” will have 5 goals …..
(1) Five daily prayers, seven days a week.
2. Free study of the Qur’an by selected Hafiz teachers.
(3) Using the Library with all educational materials throughout the year, for all vulnerable categories.
(4) Acquisition of general Islamic education with different contents and from different areas, for all interested persons.
(5) Awarding prizes to persons who have shown special interest and results in the areas they have studied.
In order for these five set goals and this Education Center to become a reality, we need your financial support.

Your help also means your presence in places where you have not set foot and in places where you have not been. Spreading the word of Allah and knowledge as part of the good deeds on the scales of Judgment Day.



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