New project in 2021

With the help and permission of Allah, for the first time in Macedonian, the first volume of the crucial and long-awaited work is published: “TAFSIR OF IBN KESIR” (Abbreviated version) by the author Muhammad Nasib Ar-Rifai
This work, in the integral version in Arabic, consists of four volumes, a very important work in the field of tafsir. It is a summary of the best and most chosen tafsir, ie interpretation of the Book of Allah – the Qur’an, to which, rightly, many of the Islamic scholars have given such a decoration and epithet.
We chose this work because we believe that it will be of general benefit to readers who understand and speak the Macedonian language.
Thanks to Allah jallah shanehu over time we gained a little more experience in publishing.
Associating with honest and experienced brothers who have been involved in publishing for a long time, I concluded that this case is specific, because it is a very serious work that we hope will benefit people for a long time.
This work is intended for the general population, who understand the Macedonian language, as well as for those who represent Muslims such as hatibs, imams, daisies and all those who want to study the Islamic faith. We tried to make the translation of this Tafsir as easy to understand as possible, especially for those who do not understand the Arabic language. We ask Almighty Allah for this deed to help us to better understand His words, the meaning and importance of every verse of every surah, to accept to live according to it and to be our guide and light in our lives. Amen.
The translation of this Tafsir is made from the original text of Ibn Kassir’s Tafsir in Arabic.
It is planned that the printed books from the first, as well as the other volumes of “Tafsir of Ibn Kassir”, will be distributed free of charge. I would like to mention that in order to get this quality translation of “Tafsir of Ibn Kesir”, after the initial initiative, we were supported by many people, who, in addition to providing us with moral support, also provided financial support, with the help of which this project was realized.



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