Project Book “100 most influential persons about Islam”

Dear friends,

It is a special honor and pleasure for us to present the book: “100 most influential persons about Islam” by the author Samir Bikikj.

In this book, we find recognitions of Islam from prominent personalities, writers and poets, heads of state, emperors and princes, scholars, popes, patriarchs, rabbis and Indian gurus, etc.

Here is one of them:

Muhammad was a prince; he gathered his companions around him. In just a few years, his Muslims conquered half the world. He turned to the righteous path many souls from the worship of false gods, in fifteen years destroyed more idols and destroyed more pagan temples than the followers of Moses and Jesus did in fifteen centuries. [Napoleon Bonaparte]

We hope that this book will be an incentive for readers to study Islam themselves objectively, and not through the prism of media anti-Islamic propaganda.

The book is been printed in 3000 copies and Davet will distribute it free of charge.

All those who are interested in receiving this book printed, just need to LIKE and SHARE our page and send us in inbox their home address. The book will be mailed to them.

We ask the Almighty God to reward all those who participated in the completion of this work.



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