Ibn Kassir Tafsir Project – Volume 4

Capital project

Tafsir of Ibn Kassir 4 volumes
Process: 3 and a half years
Book selection idea,
Donor: Citizens, individuals and legal entities, foundations and people of good will.
Publisher: Malik Maliki
About the publisher: Davet Education Association
Translators: the first volume
Dr. Vahit Useinoski
Translators of the second volume:
Hussein Ademi,
Translators of the third volume:
Hussein Ademi, Arif Ramadani
Translators of the fourth volume:
Arif Ramadani, Ramadan Banushev
Sharia reviewers of the first volume: Hussein Ademi
Sharia reviewers of the second volume:
Xhevat Hot, Arif Ramadani, Enis Maksutoski
Sharia reviewers of the third volume:
Enis Maksutoski, Emin Alija, Nezaket Adem
Sharia reviewers of the fourth volume:
Enis Maksutoski, Emin Alija, Nezaket Adem
Lector first volume Ljupka Tasevska-Latic
Lecturer second, third and fourth volumes:
Prof. Dr. Violeta Piruze
Editor of the first, second, third and fourth volumes: Fatmir Kovaci
Proofreading first, second, third and fourth volumes: Malik Malili, Senad Zeynelovic, Abdurahman Saloski
Computer processing: Jonuz Miftari and Abdullah Miftari
Design: Adnan Salih
Stamp: Focus Print
A total of 18,000 copies of the four volumes
Northern Macedonia, Europe, Australia and America

Many thanks to all those who participated in this important capital project



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