The second edition of the Tafsir Ibn Kathir – Volume 1


Dear humanist supporters, We at DAVET, together with your support, create the steps and projects that we need to complete, by the permission of Almighty Allah and the hope that He will be pleased with all of us, both in this world and in the Hereafter.
In addition to our ongoing projects, at the moment we have large demands from all over the world for Tafsir Ibn Kathir: Volime 1, which a long time ago the quantity of 5000 copies was printed and fully distributed and was accepted by all our congregations in: Macedonia , Europe, America and Australia.

That is why we feel the need to address you and inform you that the need to reissue the Tafsir (second edition) is inevitable and to achieve that goal we need your selfless support. In order to know the required copies, it would be desirable for every individual, or congregation from all over, and every mosque and masjid, to contact us for the exact number they would like to receive from the SECOND EDITION OF THE TAFSIR IBN KATHIR: VOLUME 1. Nevertheless, anyone who wants to be part of this noble project and to support it with a donation in the name of Allah the Most Merciful will find it as a permanent sadaqa on the Day of Judgment.



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