We have successfully completed our humanitarian action

Dear brothers and sisters, Thanks to Allah, today we successfully completed our first humanitarian action. Today we decided to go out on the field to find the neediest families. With the help of people we reached them, their recommendations were really to justify, we faced the neediest families, we managed to find them all, we talked to all of them in person and of course Humanitarian Coupons were distributed to receive humanitarian aid from our checkpoint. All those who were given a Humanitarian Coupon had the opportunity to come to the appointed place and get their humanitarian aid. Some of the needy families Due to their endangered health situation they were not able to come on their own to pick up their humanitarian aid, so due to their health situation we were obliged to provide special transportation along with humanitarian aid to reach their home. Many thanks to all the good persons and donors Many thanks also to the whole team who helped this humanitarian action of Davet We move foreward Get involved If you can Donate Help vulnerable families those families who really need your help.



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